ESC 1000


  • The ESC 1000 three-phase transport platform is the ideal vertical access solution for safely transporting people and materials at height.
  • It can be installed both outside the buildings and inside; it can be fastened directly to the facade or the fixed scaffolding. It is used in new constructions, renovations, and industrial maintenance.
  • It features double speed, and programmable floor stops with landing gates.
  • It is modular and can reach several heights up to 150 meters.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great job site efficiency
  • Installation in historical centers and confined spaces
  • The many security devices make it very safe
  • Users are seen as innovative.

Technical Data

Three-phase power supply: 400V
Lifting speed: 12m/min (people), 24m/min (material only)
Number and power of motors: 2 x 3.1kW

Car length (m) 1,8
Car width (m) 1,4
Car height (m) 1,1
Max. load capacity (kg) 1000
Maximum height anchored (m) 150
Anchorages distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,49
Vertical element weight (m) 43