ESC 500


  • ESC – 500 is a transport platform for people and materials.
    It is a compact and sturdy machine with a load capacity of 500 kg.
    It is easy to handle, assemble and disassemble and particularly suitable for confined spaces such as construction sites in historical centers or sites where cranes cannot be installed.
  • It can be used for direct access to buildings or combined with scaffolding. It is convenient for new constructions and renovation and maintenance work in civil and even industrial areas.
  • ESC 500 is available in 2 versions: three-phase and single-phase. The three-phase version allows the double ascent speed of 12 m/min with people on board and 24 m/min in case of transport of materials only. This increases the productivity of the construction site reducing downtime.
  • The machine was designed to make its operation simple and intuitive thanks to the on-board control panel with simple up, down, and stop buttons.
  • All metal parts are hot-galvanized for greater resistance to weather agents and the often harsh conditions typical of construction sites, with an anti-slip treatment on the walking surface and on the entry and exit flaps to ensure maximum operator safety at all times.


  • Small overall dimensions make it possible to install even in confined spaces
  • The flap opening system facilitates loading even with forklifts
  • Safe work – the platform is equipped with limit switches that prevent lifting or lowering with the flaps open
  • Removable wheels for easy movement on flat surfaces
  • 3-sided access for maximum flexibility of use
  • It can be installed directly on the building or on scaffolding
  • Lower cost for access equipment, thus improving construction site profitability
  • Faster operations due to double transfer speed from one floor to another
  • Equipping the machine with accessories such as a weather protection cover and specific elements for transporting and securing bulky loads is possible.
  • It can be easily handled with forklifts but is also equipped with special hooks for safe lifting with cranes or other lifting equipment.

Technical Data (single-phase)

Single-phase power supply: 220V
Lifting speed: 12m/min (persons and material)
Number and power of motors: 1 x 2.2kW

Technical Data (three-phase)

Three-phase power supply: 400V
Lifting speed: 12m/min (people), 24m/min (material only)
Number and power of motors: 1 x 3.1kW

Car lenght (m) 1,50
Car width (m) 1,34
Basket height (m) 1,1
Max. load capacity (kg) 500
Maximum height anchored (m) 120
Anchorages distance (m) 6
Vertical element height (m) 1,49
Vertical element weight (m) 35