Lightweight and functional Trench Lining


  • Quick and inexpensive, it is used already assembled, suitable for ditch work with soils of good consistency.
    European standard EN 13331-1/2 and Legislative Decree 81/2008 establish that, for excavations deeper than 1.50 m, it is necessary to provide support reinforcements to prevent the sliding of excavation walls and to avoid hazardous conditions for the operators.
  • Pilosio has developed BOX SICURO, a light weight shoring system to ensure maximum safety during ditch work, up to a maximum depth of 320 cm, with soil of good consistency.
    The product ease of use and light weight allow achieving high safety standards, minimizing time of use.
  • The base module consists of a pair of opposite steel panels with a length of 300 cm and a height of 200 cm, connected by telescopic spacers with widths ranging from 75 cm to 215 cm. Combined with 60 and 120 cm super elevation panels, it allows reaching a depth of 320 cm and a clearance from the bottom of the excavation to the lower rafter of at least 100 cm.
  • BOX SICURO is used already assembled and it can be handled with medium power lifting equipment, such as backhoe loaders and mini excavators.
    It has been designed to withstand a pressure up to 22.50 kN/m2 guaranteed up to a maximum opening of 215 cm.
    The work stages, easy and quick, call for the installation of BOX SICURO above ground and the excavation of the desired size ditch in which BOX SICURO will be placed through a single pull of the excavator. Authorized personnel can proceed working at the bottom of the excavation in full peace of mind.


  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • High safety standard


Technical Data

  • Base panel 300×200 cm.
  • Base module 300×200, width 75/95, weight 941 kg.
  • Super-elevation elements 300×60 and 300×120 cm .
  • Maximum depth 3.50 m.
  • Ditch width from 0.75 m to 2.15 m .