Easy and versatile traditional scaffolding


  • The oldest, most versatile type of scaffolding used both as scaffolding and as the foundation for other Pilosio scaffolding systems.
  • With only a few base components, the range of couplers enables the connection of tubes to form an endless variation of structures.


  • Structural requirements are easy to achieve, as technical evaluations can be made to allow horizontal tubes and steel planks to be placed at almost any height, and vertical tubes placed at any distance
  • Total versatility make it ideal for complex and dynamic worksites
  • Can be used as stand-alone system as well as combined with other scaffolding systems
  • Well suited to form anchors and connections between scaffolds, towers or any other structures
  • Estremamente utile per la realizzazione di ancoraggio e collegamenti tra altri sistemi di sostegno

Technical Data

  • Steel tubes ø 48.3 mm with wall thickness 3.2 mm
  • Wide range of couplers: orthogonal, swivel and draw couplers
  • Industrial wet painting or hot dip galvanizing for tubes
  • The most labor-intensive type among Pilosio range of scaffolds