August 9, 2022

WOW Effect – Without compromises

In Venice, in St. Mark’s Square, there is an unchallenged protagonist and he answers to the name of Pilosio.

This time the installation, which bears our signature, was specially designed for the restoration of the Doges’ Palace, one of the symbols of the city.

Among the novelties to be seen are the SECUR-BLIND protection and the ESI two-column mast climbing work platform fully branded by Pilosio.

But the other types of scaffolding, such as ramp ladder, MP façade scaffolding, MP suspended scaffolding and MP cantilever scaffolding, are not neglected either.

Our company, proudly flying the Italian flag in one of the world’s best-loved cities, brings Pilosio’s product range to picturesque Venice, leaving enthusiasts, as well as ordinary tourists, open-mouthed.