New products: Pilosio PRG rail guided climbing system

The PILOSIO PRG RAIL GUIDED climbing system allows a safe climbing formwork, with fast-repositioning by crane. In this system, the whole unit is guided to the structure at all times, even when being repositioned.

Even in windy conditions, the whole unit can be repositioned safely and easily in one single lift.

The main features are:

  • High flexibility: the platform dimensions can be freely designed and customized according to the geometry of the structure,
  • Performance : the main goal of the PRG system is the rapidity in operation with the crane: only one crane-lift is needed to move all the system to the next pouring phase,
  • Suitable for any formwork system: the PRG climbing system can be used with both beam formworks (MAXIMIX) and framed formworks (P300, MIMIMAG, MAGNUM, MAGNUM EVO, SVELT),
  • Easy access system: the safe access between the main working platform and lower bridges is provided by installing the aluminum ladder provided with three different lengths,
  • Safety : large working platforms and the integrated vertical access system allow safe working,
  • Maximum casting height is up to 4,5 meters,
  • A protection wind screen can be used for a full area enclosure on high-rise buildings
  • An additional lower bridge can be installed in order to dismantle guiding heads and to carry out any finishing-work on the concrete surface


Generally, assumed live loads are equal to:

  • 3 kN/m² on main platform;
  • 1,5 kN/m² on working platform.
  • 1 kN/m² on each lower bridge