Worksite protection


  • SECUR-BLIND is a new construction site protection system made by Pilosio: safe and easy to use, it attaches to scaffolding or a tubular structure and replaces the construction site fence net.
  • It consists of scaffold planks that have been suitably modified to be inserted vertically inside two rails that are quickly and easily attached to the scaffold’s ɸ 48.3 mm tubes using a pincer clamp.
  • It is used as a construction site fence at the base of the scaffold, as a shield to protect the environment from any slag or dust produced by special work such as asbestos abatement, and offers greater security against the entry of non-workers.
  • Thanks to its aesthetics, it significantly improves the impact of the construction site, especially in historical centres.
  • It is possible to obtain hermetic or fireproof and soundproof protection with components equipped with a gasket and insulating sheets.


  • Adapts to any site requirement
  • Can be used with any type of scaffolding
  • Offers greater protection against intrusion than building site nets
  • Easy and fast assembly and disassembly without tools
  • High protection from dust and processing waste
  • Airtight panels with fire-retardant and sound-absorbing PL sheets available
  • On request, panels can be produced in other dimensions

Technical Data

  • Galvanised steel panels in solid sheet or with grid, or fire-retardant and sound-absorbing hermetic
  • Panel sizes: 50×100 cm, 50×150 cm, 50×180 cm, 50×200 cm, 50×250 cm
  • Aluminium uprights and airtight uprights H=200 cm
  • Galvanised steel foot per support for blocking panels
  • External and variable galvanised steel corner pieces H=49 cm
  • Single-leaf entrance door L=100 or double-leaf L=180, H=200
  • Galvanised pincer clamp
  • Coloured panels with customised decorations and different sizes on request