Fly 105


  • Slap 105 speeds up and optimises the installation of suspended scaffolding for maintenance work on bridge and viaduct curbs, roofing work and building cornices.
  • The shelf is attached by means of two right-angled joints to two 2-hole galvanised plates with a safety catch, which are fastened with two M12 dowels.


  • La particolare forma a Z permette di ospitare al suo interno una passerella che, scorrendo su più mensole, permette di avanzare con l’installazione del piano di lavoro in modo rapido e sicuro.
flydeck-system-remedies-one-of-the-biggest-problems-when-erecting-structures-for-bridges-and-viaducts-maintenance:-the-continuation-of-the-working-surface-beyond-piles-and-piers-without-interrupting-the-roadway-with-by-bridges-or-negative-platforms.patent-pending.-ce-marked" class="gallery">

  • The new FLYRAIL beam in combination with the FLYDECK system remedies one of the biggest problems when erecting structures for bridges and viaducts maintenance: the continuation of the working surface beyond piles and piers without interrupting the roadway with By-bridges or negative platforms.
Patent pending. CE marked