Restoration works in St. Mark’s Square

Pilosio Solution


Venezia – Italy


  • One of the most prestigious construction sites among the many construction sites where Pilosio has used a mast climbing work platform is undoubtedly that of the Procuratie Nuove facade in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, where an intervention to secure elements of the facade is being completed.
  • The medium/light load capacity ESI model was chosen for this construction site. It is the smallest in the range of products in this category, which includes also the medium/heavy load capacity COSMOS and heavy load capacity ESA models. The ESI mast climbing work platform can reach a length of 26.60 meters with overhangs to the wall of up to 1.20 m to compensate for building recesses and protrusions and with a load capacity of up to 2800 kg. Movement is achieved by coupling rack and pinion driven by electric gear motors. It is easy to move, assemble and disassemble. The space it needs on the ground is that of just the two bases with the motor unit, while the entire walking surface can be kept raised to leave free access to stores and venues. Perfect for use in narrow spaces and historical centers, it has a 1.00-meter wide walking surface that allows the operators to have sufficient space to work comfortably.