September 12, 2022

Flydeck: true innovation for suspended scaffolding applications

Significant reduction in set-up time and no need to stop road or railway traffic flow.

The FLYDECK system is a certified system to simplify, speed up and make the assembly of suspended scaffolding and structures safer.

The system consists of 25-cm or 45-cm aluminum, or steel lattice girders connected by patented pins and spring pins.

The girders are installed using the FLYRAIL rail.

the FLYRAIL rail supports the cantilevered girders of the FLYDECK surface while the operator arranges the surface and anchors it in full safety. The real advantage is the FLYRAIL rail, which resolves all those assembly issues that call for the rental of alternative systems that – in addition to being expensive – require stopping roadway or railroad traffic.

From 24 to 30 October 2022 you can find us at the Bauma world trade fair in Munich. At our outdoor stand (B23.39 , in the outdoor area between Hall B2 and B3) you can attend a LIVE demonstration of the innovative Flydeck system!