Madinah Al Haram expansion project

Pilosio Solution


Medina – Saudi Arabia


  • Each individual MP tower has been “designed” to be divisible in at least two parts in height. The upper part can be removed by transferal, leaving the support system, that is the lower part of the tower, already set in place for the casting of the second slab at level -5.15m;
  • The MP towers can either be built up in-situ or in a specified area (of the site). In the second case, the towers are then moved and placed in their final positions by on site cranes;
  • Once the casting has been done, the towers can be dismantled in-situ or relocated individually or in groups in adjacent areas. The removal of the towers takes place with a system of wheels to fix to the base of the 4 columns of the tower enabling fast transferal. To contain the casting of the drop beams (3m height) present in the two floors, standard P300 formwork has been opted for, supported directly on the MP towers.