Matera Cathedral restoration


Matera – Italy


  • The cathedral of Santa Maria della Bruna, has been closed for over 10 years: 2003 saw the collapse and closure of the first and second aisles, with the final closure of the church dating back to 2006.
    in late 2014, new funding was allocated to complete the renovation work, including the consolidation of the roofing of the central nave, restoration of the paving, restoration of the aisles, the Sacramento and the Nativity Chapels.
    In order to carry out the sensitive consolidation and restoration work of the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria della Bruna of Matera, it was necessary to isolate the construction site by completely enclosing the cathedral with tarpaulins.
  • Complex project where Pilosio provided project design and on site assistance:
    • Special steel formwork designed to
      guarantee quicker application
    • Efficient and quick workflow
    • Pleasing aesthetic finish.