January 31, 2023

Verona – Pilosio scaffolding shines in Piazza dei Signori

Multidirectional scaffolding and the new 25cm high aluminium beams are once again a winning choice.

Last April, work began on the restoration of the facades of the Palazzo de Podestà (Palazzo Scaligero) in Verona.

The first phase of the work involved the portion of the building facing Piazza dei Signori. The MP Pilosio multidirectional scaffolding covers the entire façade in front of the square.

MP Pilosio scaffolding on the facade of the Palazzo Scaligero overlooking Piazza dei Signori

In addition to the classic access boards with trapdoor and ladder, a MP multidirectional scaffold service stair was installed to safely access every level of the structure . The ladder, made of aluminium, is also convenient when transporting small equipment and restoration materials.

The project also included the arch connecting with the Palazzo del Capitanio.

For this particular context, the innovative 25 cm high aluminium beams were used to create a large working platform for the restoration of the vault.

Compared to a classic 45 cm high steel beam, the 25 cm aluminium beam (EN AW 6082 T6 with high mechanical properties) offers numerous advantages. In fact, it is preferred for its high manoeuvrability and lightness, which saves the worker time and fatigue.

Take a look at how Pilosio’s products were used by watching our video below: