Doge’s Palace Phase 2


Venice – Italy

The construction site of the Doge’s Palace in Venice is a demonstration of how the different systems that PILOSIO is able to offer can coexist in the same building site, interacting and complementing each other.

The mast climbing platform is a minimally invasive solution with respect to the façade on which work is being carried out, ensuring a very low visual impact.

The ESI model, which is part of PILOSIO’s Medium/Lightweight range, was chosen for this specific site. It is the smallest in the range, which also includes the medium/heavy-duty Cosmos and heavy-duty ESA models. The ESI self-climbing scaffold can reach a length of 26.60 m with overhangs towards the wall of up to 1.20 m to compensate for building recesses and projections, and has a load capacity of up to 2,800 kg. In the specific case of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, it was decided to limit anchoring by means of wall anchors as much as possible, and where possible push or tie anchors were used instead.

A transport platform has also been installed on the Doge’s Palace, allowing people and materials to be transported quickly and safely to heights. It is the ESC 1000 model, which is part of PILOSIO’s medium range. It increases safety on the construction site because it allows people to ascend and descend and transport the materials needed for work, reduces transfer times at height, and staff fatigue, and increases productivity. The ESC 1000 model has a load capacity of 1000 kg and a loading platform measuring 1.80 x 1.40 m. It is equipped with 2 self-braking gear motors and has an emergency parachute brake.

Complementing these self-climbing systems is the Pilosio MP multidirectional suspended scaffold, served by a ramped service ladder.

The entire construction site is protected by Secur-blind fencing, an innovation made by Pilosio. The innovative protection, composed of Pilosio’s deck planks, is attached to the existing multidirectional scaffolding and thanks to its modularity is able to follow its perimeter, giving the entire site a clean and streamlined image, ideal for an important historical centre such as Venice.