August 9, 2022


SECUR-BLIND is the innovative construction site fencing system by Pilosio. It is safe and easy to use; it connects to scaffolding or a tubular structure, replacing traditional site fencing and significantly improving job site aesthetics.

The system consists of solid or grid panels inserted inside aluminum rails that are quickly and easily fastened to the ɸ 48.3 mm tubes of the scaffolding or any other tubular structure using a pincer clamp. Corner profiles and access gates complete the system.

SECUR-BLIND is simple and ingenious at the same time: it uses components that are light and quick to assemble and elements designed specifically by Pilosio’s R&D department to meet the needs of each client. Since they are modular, they can be easily repurposed on other job sites. The system is supplied on request with a special gasket between panels and rails to create sealing protection.

It is used to fence off the construction site as a screen to protect the environment against waste and dust produced by special processing such as sandblasting or asbestos removal work. Also, it is much better protection against intrusion than a standard mesh. Due to its aesthetics, it dramatically improves the visual impact of the construction site, especially in historical centers.

Where did the idea for SECUR-BLIND wirksite protection come from?

The idea came from observing a particular Pilosio project designed and implemented a decade ago for a building under renovation at the Roma Tiburtina station. The building had been wrapped using Pilosio’s MP Multidirectional Scaffolding and covered with Pilosio decks that had been suitably modified and mounted vertically on the structure. Hence the idea of adapting that system to create a construction site fence by simplifying the approach, making it faster to assemble, modular and flexible.

An extraordinary construction site was chosen to inaugurate the SECUR-BLIND fence: the renovation of the Doge’s Palace in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. In addition to the scaffolding, Pilosio offered the opportunity to close off the construction site with a new high-security fence of great aesthetic impact. The fence panels are grated to comply with a specific regulation that calls for always being able to monitor a construction site, even from outside. A gate created using the same system ensures that only employees can access the site.